Law Office of 
  William Adair Bonner

When experience and integrity matter, 

trust Delaware County attorney 


to advise and advocate for you.

Whether your legal needs involve Estate Administration, Family Law, or Commercial Litigation, Mr. Bonner works with you to accomplish your goals. Mr. Bonner's mission-driven practice prioritizes the details of your unique situation, advising individuals, professionals, fiduciaries, and families on matters involving:

  • real estate
  • wealth transfer
  • estate planning and administration
  • business creation and management
  • civil and commercial litigation
  • family law
  • healthcare
  • civil rights and liberties
  • domestic violence
  • American Psychological Association standards

Commitment to Results

“My clients know that I will always keep in close communication with them and that they will always be fully informed of all developments in their case. I maintain evening and weekend hours for clients unable to make visits during regular hours.” - William A. Bonner

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have.  Please call me at 610-566-2703 or email me at

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